Structural Engineering: When it comes to Structural Engineering, each project brings unique challenges which require unique solutions. At AEC we design for economic feasibility and sustainability, providing durable systems and flexible layouts that allow for upgrading and future changes while also maintaining all applicable safety standards and applicable regulations. Our team has experience working for a variety of clients, designing various structural systems including railing and ladder systems, concrete, steel, wood frame and masonry design.

Project Management:Project Management, often considered the most critical aspect of a project, requires leadership combined with due diligence in order to ensure all disciplines are on track, following applicable design drawings, as well as utilizing all applicable regulations and guidelines.

AEC has experience managing several projects for various clients in both the private and public sectors. As Project Manager’s we approach each project systematically, striving to achieve the most sustainable, economically feasible solutions while meeting all environmental, municipal, provincial and federal regulations.

Municipal Engineering:With extensive experience in the Municipal Engineering Consulting industry, AEC has worked with various municipalities on a variety of projects, both rural and urban, in both the private and public sectors. Our team specializes in the completion of Site Plans, Subdivisions and Road design, which includes but is not limited to; feasibility studies, conceptual, preliminary and detailed design, design drawings, Stormwater Management Plans, RFP and Tender preparation, quantities, estimation, scheduling, costing, and inspection as well as contract documents and contract administration during the construction period.

Inspection Services:At AEC we understand how crucial it can be to do things right the first time.

By maintaining an experienced inspection crew with approximately 40+ years of combined experience in the public and private sectors, AEC provides inspection services for all design drawings produced by AEC, as well as, design drawing produced by others. Our team has extensive experience executing various structural and municipal inspections including, but not limited to, concrete, steel, wood frame and masonry, as well as storm and sanitary sewer systems, water networks, roadways, curb and gutter placement, site drainage and retention systems.

Expert Witnesses: AEC’s vast engineering experience has led core engineers to provide expert witness services in court cases relating to storm water (flooding).

Research: AEC is intricately involved in various research and development projects including the monitoring of existing technology as well as new state of the art engineered products.

Peer Review: Peer review services are available in order to ensure the Owner’s needs are being met in the most cost efficient manner. This is commonly practiced within the industry in order to reduce errors, liability, and to ensure the work itself represents the best technical or most economically feasible approach to an engineering problem.